Alma resort đà lạt

One of my best stays in Vietnam! I had a room with a balcony và fantastic view of the lake. I just ordered room service và didn't move for 24 hours. There wasn't much else to vì chưng on the property, but that is exactly what I wanted. The service was good, food not so much, but I didn't care. Price was great, but it helped that I was here during low season & coronavirus panic.

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We were so relaxing here, The resort locates on the side of Tuyen Lam lake, with white & blue colors it is so brought in relief. We stayed one night in Superior lake view room, all furnitures are really good, I love waking up here, sunlight came into the room, it gave us a really good feeling. Early morning, standing on the balcony you can breath very fresh & cool air on the mountain beside a lake. We also love riding bicycle around the lake inside forest, Breakfast was good, delicious. Highly recommend for this resort!

Gđ tôi rất ưng ý , phong cảnh và không khí riêng ngủ ngơi rất tốt , nhân viên thân thiện chu đáo , phòng ở sạch thông thoáng , đồ ăn sáng đa rạng món ăn ngon . Very good lần mang đến Đà lạt nhất định sẽ ghẹ qua đk ở do ở đây con số phòng không nhiều khách đông rất đơn giản hết chống .

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Just wonder why there are just 6 reviews on it. The resort was beyond on our expectation. The view và location were so incredible. Flowers were everywhere. The staff were great. The room was wonderful. It was perfect for our 2 nights there

Luxury resort with beautiful flowers garden, awesome lake view, fresh air... Resort restaurant with expensive meal & there is not so much options khổng lồ choice. Better if you can buy food, fruit from Dalat market và enjoy at resort, cannot call taxi at night & use motobike-pls vì not vì chưng this! It's not safe when you go out of resort at night, there is not light or any people at road. They did not let us use kitchen.

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Resort nằm ngay cạnh hồ Tuyền Lâm, tuy biện pháp trung vai trung phong Đà Lạt khoảng chừng 10 cây nhưng cảnh quan và không khí rất đẹp với yên tĩnh :3. Hoàn toàn có thể thuê xe cộ máy lấn sân vào trung tâm tp hay đường hầm đất nung ( cách đây khoảng 6 cây ). Đường đi khôn xiết đẹp cùng khá là thuận tiện.
Such a beautiful hotel, lovely gardens and balconies over looking the lake. Staff were all so friendly and welcoming. It's about 10 minutes out of dalat đô thị into a more quite location but the khách sạn provides a driver who can take you into the city and back và is available every hour so no need for a taxi. Hotel also has a very quick wifi which I've found is very hard to lớn come by at other places. This hotel has exceeded all my expectations, you should definitely consider booking here, you will not regret it!
The guest house is a separate villa on the grounds of the Sacom resort and over looks the Tuen Lam lake in a quiet country location. The views of the lake from the suite are spectacular morning day and evening. The suite at the guest house was very large with two belcony windows over looking the lake as well. The ground floor of the villa is a common area consisting of a lounge dining & share kitchen with all facilities for guests use. The resort is approx 10 km from the thành phố of da Lat and although there is no local bus, taxis are always available when called. Within the resort is a stand alone restauant which serves local cuisine & is a short walk from the villa. The staff are also friendly & helpful to book tours if required. The guest house also has free wifi and satelite tv. Our stay was via our Timeshare exchange which exceeded our regular exchange standard.…