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Canắm Pacific offers various flights from different locations all over the world to lớn Vietphái nam with a connection via Hong Kong.

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Cagắng Pacific - Flights to Vietnam

Airways offers various flights from different locations all over the world khổng lồ Vietnam giới, but most of them are non-direct flights & one with a transfer point in Hong Kong. 

Cacụ Pacific Craft - Photo: Canỗ lực Pacific

From Hong Kong, there is only one daily flight with fixed hours khổng lồ Hanoi that departs at 14.55 và arrives at 15.55 (local time). There are another five flights on the route from Hong Kong to Hanoi with different frequency, including 2 flights that departs at 8.40 (local time) on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday và Saturday every week; one flight takes off at 18.00 on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday và Sunday; one flight at 18.00 on Tuesday and Friday; and one flights at 18.00 on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. The lowest fare for an adult on Economy class is HKD 3,300 ($422) for one way trip and HKD 3,430 ($ 439) for round trip.

In addition, Canắm Pacific also provides three daily flights lớn Ho Chi Minh City at 8.50, 14.45 và 16.20 (local time). The fare for an adult on the Economy class has the lowest price of HKD 3,630 ($465) for one way trip and HKD 2,790 ($357) for round-trip. 

In addition to lớn round trip route between Hong Kong and Hanoi or Ho Chi Minch City, Cavậy Pacific also operates shared code flights from Vietnam to North America and Europe.

Caráng Pacific Baggage Allowance

Cachũm baggage allowance policies are as follows:

Carry-On Luggage

Cacầm cố Pacific allows its passenger to carry one piece of luggage on board, & the kích cỡ must not exceed: 56x36x23cm.

Economy class: 1 piece x 7kilogam (15 lbs)Business class: 1 piece x 10kg (22 lbs)First class: 1 piece x 15kilogam (33 lbs)

In addition to lớn the cabin bag, passengers can also bring in some individual items laptop bag, máy vi tính computer, electronic devices, mobility aids, instant foods, umbrella và duty-không lấy phí products.

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Checked luggage

Routes that involves the start or end point in the Americas:

First và Business class: 2 pieces x 32kilogam (158cm max in kích thước of three dimensions)Premium economy class: 2 pieces x 25kilogam (158cm max in size of three dimensions)Economy class: 2 pieces x 23 kilogam (158cm max in form size of three dimensions)Infant: 1 piece x 23 kilogam (158centimet max in kích cỡ of three dimensions) and foldable baby carriage

Other routes:

First class: total weight does not exceed 40kilogam (88lbs)Business class: total weight does not exceed 30kg (66lbs)Economy class: total weight does not exceed 20kilogam (44lbs) for international flight và 15kilogam (33lbs) for domestic flightPremium economy: total weight does not exceed 20kg (44lbs)Infant: total weight does not exceed 10kilogam (22lbs)

Cathế Pacific Business Class

The Business & First class on Cacầm Pacific flights offers passengers one of the best experiences on the sky. Each seat on this class is designed with comfortable convertible beds with mas sa function. It is also equipped with AC outlet for máy vi tính, & one touch screen LCD on the right hand side of the seat with world class entertainment shows và music programs. Passengers travelling on Business class also have the advantage of higher baggage allowance, as well as access to lớn business lounges of departing airports. Travel and experience it yourself!

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Cacố gắng Pacific Inflight Meals

Canắm Pacific Airlines is regarded as one of the best meal services airlines. It is said khổng lồ have sầu better food và taste in comparison with other airlines. Passengers who are a big tín đồ of caviar & salmons may find Canạm Pacific just a right choice. It is said to serve the most delicious salmons & caviar. Besides, its meals are generally excellent which are not too French & have various options for passengers to choose from.

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Cacụ Pacific has many strong points in its meal service. First, for business và first class, there is a wide range of wine of all kinds và all taste lớn choose. White wine is said to be the best. Second, for ice-cream lovers, you may fall in love sầu immediately with Canuốm Pacific Airlines và get some more after trying one. Lots of people highly recommkết thúc Cachũm Pacific ice-cream for desserts. Last but not least, Cathay Pacific also has tasty cakes which passengers cannot resist. If you travel with Canúm Pacific during Moon Festival (in August Lunar calendar), you have sầu chance to try high unique moon cakes. They are just right oriental tastes lớn celebrate the Moon Festival. Don’t forget lớn try a bite of moon cake when you travel with Cavậy Pacific Airlines during this special occasion.

Apart from other advantages, there remains a minor drawbachồng. Main dish in economy class is not quite good. Passengers don’t have many choices. Food does not taste very good either.

Canúm Pacific Safety Record

It can be said that Cacố gắng Airways is aý muốn the safest airlines in the world with very few fatal accidents during its 65 years of operation. Most of the serious incidents occurred in the period from 1946 khổng lồ 1972, when the airway has been not developed yet.

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Address: G/F, Hanoi Tower, 49 Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi

Tel: (024) 38 267 298

Ho Chi Minh City

Address: R502, Centec Tower, 72-74 Nguyen Thi Đường Minh Khai, Dist 3.