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Vietjet Check-In


Domestic Travel

All domestic flights must have checked in at least 60 minutes before departure.At all airports, boarding ends 25 minutes before takeoff. Vietjet requires all passengers khổng lồ be present at the boarding gate by the time announced or specified at the time of check-in.Customers should be at Check-in at least 2 hours before their flight is due khổng lồ depart, as per Vietjet"s recommendation. In order to have a stress-free trip, passengers should give themselves plenty of time to check in before their scheduled departure. If a Customer does not check in within the allotted time, Vietjet may cancel the reservation.

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International Travel

The last gọi for international flights is 75 minutes before departure.A minimum of 25 minutes before departure, boarding must be completed at all airports. Vietjet requires all passengers to be present at the boarding gate by the time announced or specified at the time of check-in.Vietjet requests that passengers check in at the airport no less than 4 hours before their aircraft is scheduled to take off. In order to lớn have a stress-free trip, passengers should give themselves plenty of time to check in before their scheduled departure. If a customer does not kiểm tra in within the allotted time, Vietjet may cancel the reservation.

How vày I Check-In Vietjet

Web Check-in

Passengers can kiểm tra in online starting 48 hours prior lớn a domestic flight"s departure & starting 24 hours prior to an international flight"s departure.Counter check-in at the airport opens 60 minutes prior to lớn departure for domestic flights and 75 minutes prior to lớn departure for international flights.

Steps to Follow for Vietjet website Check-In

Firstly, you can click on next step is to lớn enter your thư điện tử address or last name, followed by the PNR or Booking Reference Number.The next step is to lớn choose your seats. There are some paid seating options.The boarding pass is given only after the seats have been confirmed.Get a printout of this for your records. In case you chiến bại the printout or forget to lớn bring it with you on the day of travel, we recommend sending a copy lớn your registered email address as well.

Vietjet tiện ích Check-in

You can use your thiết bị di động device to kiểm tra in with Vietjet if it has internet access:

Steps to lớn Follow for Vietjet phầm mềm Check-In

Install the Vietjet app on your phone. On your device, search for it in the Play Store or ứng dụng Store.Enter the PNR / Booking Reference that is included with your eTicket under Check-in.You can now select your desired seat from those that are offered.You"ll get an electronic boarding pass. Your boarding card is entirely valid in this format, but you have the option to print it as well.Your app check-in is complete at this point, so take off and enjoy flying with Vietjet.

Vietjet Kiosk-check-in

Passengers can kiểm tra in at Vietjet kiosks located in airports using the Kiosk Check-in option. The option of pre-seating and printing boarding cards is available lớn passengers.

Steps to lớn Follow for Vietjet Kiosk Check-In

To check in at the airport’s self-service kiosk enter your reservation number or credit/debit thẻ number.Your first và last name.You should change your flight to an earlier one if your ticket allowed it.It is recommended that you check in for your return flight if it leaves within 24 hours of your arrival.Change or confirm your seat.Print a summary of your journey.Make sure your card number is registered for the flight.Purchase/book add-ons lượt thích Seat Plus, additional baggage at the airport fare, etc.If you"d like to tag your luggage on your own, you can print out the necessary tags.The machine gives you a printed boarding pass.

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Vietjet Check-in at the ticket counter.

You can discover information about checking in for your flight on specialized information boards once you get lớn the airport. At least two hours before the departure time of your flight, you should be at the airport.


Steps lớn Follow for Vietjet Check-in at the ticket counter.

You should locate the correct check-in gate for your flight.Have your identification, such as a passport or online reservation confirmation number, handy.You will be required to show the aforementioned documents at the check-in counter.You will be given a boarding permit that allows you khổng lồ board the aircraft after presenting your identification & checking your luggage.You should head to the appropriate gate after the check-in process is finished so that you can go through security.After passing through security, head khổng lồ the appropriate gate lớn board the aircraft.Your boarding pass will show the boarding time. When it is time lớn board, airport employees will make an announcement letting passengers know they can vị so.

Ways lớn Avoid Counter Check-in Queue

Ways to Avoid Counter Check-in QueueThe following may be useful if you wish to lớn bypass the check-in counter và go straight to lớn the boarding area:

When you don"t have any checked bags or are traveling with only carry-on items, you can skip the lines at the ticket counter & head straight khổng lồ the boarding area by checking in online through our trang web or mobile app.Self-check-in using kiosks is a more efficient alternative that will save you time.Arriving a couple of hours before your scheduled boarding time will allow you khổng lồ complete the check-in and baggage processing procedures.

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Vietjet Boarding Pass

Passengers are issued boarding passes or boarding passes at airport check-in that allows them entry khổng lồ the restricted areas of the airport và onboard their flight aircraft.

You may check in for your Vietjet flight with the following options: