A fun ride to lớn the most popular tourist attractions in Saigon. Learn the history of each famous site from the quality perspective of our guides.

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Not only will you learn some fun & interesting facts about of each of the places we take you on the tour, our guides will tell you things only a true native of Saigon knows.

For example: Why bởi vì so many young people hang out in the parks late at night?

Answer – Because the typical Vietnamese household is so large that there is usually very little privacy at home.

The park is a great place for friends and couples to lớn hang out without having khổng lồ spend money. It’s also a perfect place to lớn drink iced Vietnamese coffee và try cheap food sold by the many street vendors in Saigon.


We can easily cover the same number of sites in 3.5 hours that would require a full day on most other Ho bỏ ra Minh đô thị tours. Our pace is still very leisurely, so you will not be rushed. At each stop, you will be allowed lớn get off the bike and walk around so you will have plenty of great photo opportunities. We also won’t take you khổng lồ the typical tourist traps khổng lồ try sell you overpriced souvenirs.

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We only run the “Sights of Saigon” tour in the morning, when the weather is coolest. The local markets are also busiest in the mornings so it’s the best time to lớn experience all the hustle and bustle!

The “Sights of Saigon” tour offers a good mix of both famous attractions and lesser known markets & sites that the big Ho chi Minh city tours cannot go to. Some of the places we visit on this tour are The Central Post Office, The Notre Dame Cathedral, The Reunification Palace, The Secret CIA Building, Tan Dinh Market, The Thich quang quẻ Duc memorial, Ho Thi Ky Flower Market, Cholon (Chinatown), The Thien Hau Pagoda, etc.

Please keep in mind that we vày not go inside the Reunification Palace or visit the War Remnants Museum on the “Sights of Saigon” tour. Both of these attractions require a lot of time to fully appreciate so we recommend that you visit them on your own so that we can make the most of the time you have with us.

If you don’t want to be crammed onto a big, hot bus wasting an entire day going lớn places you aren’t interested in,

then this is the perfect tour for you!

Please note that this tour is offered on a join in basis, so there may be other guests joining you on the tour. Our maximum group kích thước is 8 people. For guests that vì not want lớn go in a group, we also offer a private tour option for an extra charge.

For a comprehensive overview of Ho chi Minh City,we recommend booking both the



Want a cool momento khổng lồ show offto your friends và family?We can film your ride (for an extra 40USD) và create a special video clip of your Vietnam Adventure! We can also set in a custom music track in your video upon request.

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