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Swing xuất hiện your door lớn behold the white sand, turquoise water, and break-taking mountains from our hotel. Just a few steps away from the My Khe – Pham Van Dong beaches or a couple minutes of walking to Dragon Bridge, Ocean Haven is a modern beachfront hotel that provides more than 70 rooms, each with private windows for fabulous views of boundless ocean và charming night scene.

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And within the radius of 4 km, you can easily commute to all famous places of city including Linh Ung Pagoda, Marble Mountains, Cham Museum, or Han Market. Going far beyond the privileged location, we respond to each individual’s particular character in professional và friendly manners, making your stay truly bespoke. Kick off your shoes, enjoy the tender onshore breeze & clear azure water, drench in tranquility along the coastline at night, & we are here lớn accommodate you & your loved ones.

Get a better khách sạn room và rate on your next vacation by following these tips from T+L’s news team.

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​In the khách sạn business, loyalty still has its rewards: không tính tiền Wi-Fi, loaner BMW bikes, and spa làm đẹp discounts are among the perks you receive for joining Fairmont's không tính phí Presidents Club program.That's just one of the tips & tricks we've compiled that will improve your next hotel stay—and before you even arrive. Some are easy adjustments to your travel habits lượt thích bringing your own bottled water or checking in later in the day when managers have a better sense of their inventory and will be more xuất hiện to a spontaneous upgrade.Other khách sạn strategies involve taking advantage of tools that vày the research for you. Hipmunk's new last-minute giảm giá aggregator compiles rock-bottom prices for unsold rooms up to 72 hours ahead of arrival. Và online service Tingo will automatically rebook you at a lower price if your room rate drops.Now that's the peace of mind that sets you well on your way to a good khách sạn night's sleep.For the complete danh mục of 100 ways to lớn travel better, check out T+L's December issue and tablet editions.Edited by Brooke Porter, Nikki Ekstein, Amy Farley, và Jennifer Flowers. With reporting by Peter Schlesinger and Bree Sposato.

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Don’t be a Stranger

Staying in cảm ứng pays off: Fairmont Hotels & Resorts posts giveaway contests on its Facebook page (a recent prize: a private tiệc nhỏ at London’s Abbey Road Studios). Starwood offers bonus points for checking in via Foursquare or Facebook.