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The purpose of the Ph.D. Qualifying Exam is for students khổng lồ convince the faculty that they should be considered a Ph.D. candidate. Faculty evaluate whether the student has the knowledge, experience, perspective, & determination khổng lồ complete the Ph.D. program. In addition, faculty will evaluate the student"s presentation và communication skills lớn ensure a mastery of English sufficient lớn teach in a U.S. institution can be achieved by the end of the Program. Researchers in various areas may assess these qualities differently; therefore, the format and content of the exam vary dramatically depending on the retìm kiếm area.

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Students must attempt the Qualifying Exam no later than the fourth semester. Students must have completed all the core coursework requirements (i.e. the Required Courses identified on the Program of Study form) and must have sầu a Ph.D. advisor by the time of the Qualifying Exam. An advisor agreement form must be on tệp tin with the Academic Office. In addition, students whose native language is not English, regardless of citizenship, must pass the EPI (passing score is 5+), the TOEFL iBT-speaking subsection (passing score is 24+), or the IELTS-speaking subsection (passing score is 8+) prior to lớn attempting the Qualifying Exam. It is highly recommended that students complete this requirement within their first year of the Ph.D. program lớn avoid any surprises at the time of the Qualifying Exam.

Qualifying Exams are held during a four-week period, starting on the Monday closest to lớn the third week of each fall and spring semester. For any questions regarding the Qualifying Exam process, please email Maggie Metzger Chappell or điện thoại tư vấn her at 333-3527.

Qualifying Exam Statements

In the semester prior khổng lồ the Qualifying Exam, students will be asked to submit a "Qual Statement" (MS Word or PDF (must save sầu first, then edit) version). This outline of research interests is forwarded to the appropriate retìm kiếm area committee. The area committee appoints three faculty members whose retìm kiếm matches the stated interests as the examining committee. However, in general, the committee will not include the thesis advisor. In many cases, this committee will select research papers khổng lồ be studied by the candidate for the exam. After the Qualifying Exam Committees are announced, students are responsible for contacting their committee lớn schedule the exam, secure space for the exam, confirm the time and location lớn all committee members, & prepare necessary materials for the exam. Students must also inkhung Maggie Metzger Chappell of their exam schedule và location. The results of the qualifying exam may be pass, fail, or conditional pass (conditions are usually requirements to take a course or two). Qual results are reported khổng lồ the Academic Office on an area-by-area basis, so it may take a week or more for a student to lớn learn the results.

Failed Qualifying Exam

A student who fails the Qualifying Exam may, at the discretion of the examining committee, be allowed one more attempt khổng lồ pass it in the semester immediately following the first attempt. If the Qualifying Exam is not passed, the student may request to switch to lớn the M.S. program, assuming it can be completed expediently & no previous M.S. was completed elsewhere in Computer Science (Graduate College does not confer duplicate M.S. degrees). All other requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Graduate Study Committee.

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Qualifying Exam Committee Policy

The PhD. Qualifying exam committee should be composed of:

ucancook.vn faculty & ucancook.vn affiliate faculty only; andat least two ucancook.vn tenure-track faculty.

A second attempt at the qual exam shall have sầu at least one thành viên from the previous Qual committee who must be a ucancook.vn faculty.

Exceptions khổng lồ Qual committee formation may be requested in exceptional cases by contacting the Academic Office for approval.

Qualifying Exam Research Area Guidelines

Guidance on How to lớn Prepare

The format and nội dung of the Qualifying Exam varies dramatically depending on the area. For most areas, review the guidelines above sầu. To prepare for the Qualifying Exam, it is highly recommended that students talk with

their advisor,faculty in the area, andstudents who have sầu taken the particular exam before.

This information is particularly helpful for a student who has retìm kiếm interests that span multiple areas. Occasionally, more than one exam might be appropriate. The student should consult with his/her thesis advisor as lớn which exam is best for the planned retìm kiếm.

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