How To Tai Tai 101, 34 New Community Covid

Singapore COVID-19: 27 new community cases and 1 new death; mandatory testing for residents of Hougang HDB blochồng

View of Tan Tock Seng Hospital in Singapore on Aquảng bá 30, 2021. (Photo: Calvin Oh)
SINGAPORE: Singapore reported 41 new COVID-19 cases on Thursday (May 20), including 27 infections in the community, & one death.

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A 70-year-old Singaporean man, identified as Case 62687, died from complications due lớn COVID-19 infection on Thursday, said the Ministry of Health (MOH). He had previously been linked to lớn the Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) cluster. 

The man had been warded in Ward 9D at TTSH on Apr 22 and was confirmed khổng lồ have sầu COVID-19 infection on Aquảng bá 30. MOH said the man had not been vaccinated against COVID-19 & had a history of lung cancer và atrial fibrillation. 

This is the second COVID-19 death reported in May. As of Thursday, Singapore"s COVID-19 death toll stands at 32, with the total number of cases at 61,730.

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Twenty-one of the new community infections reported on Thursday are linked to lớn previous cases, while six are currently unlinked, said MOH. Ahy vọng them, 15 cases had already been placed on quarantine earlier.

Six of the community cases involve sầu students. Two are from Madrasah Al-Ma’arif Al-Islamiah và the rest are from Singapore Polytechnic, Skool4kidz Centre, Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) & Yuan Ching Secondary School. 

There were also 14 imported cases, who had already been placed on stay-trang chủ notice upon arrival in Singapore. Seven Singaporeans and three permanent residents returned from India và Indonesia while two dependant"s pass holders arrived from Germany và Sri Lanka. Two are work pass holders who arrived from Nepal & the Philippines. 

MOH said the arrivals from the Indian sub-continent had already come into Singapore before the restrictions on travel were imposed.


No new cases were reported in migrant workers" dormitories.


The six unlinked community cases include a 19-year-old Malaysian who is a student at Singapore Polytechnic. The teenager, known as Case 63487, had last attended school on May 15. 

She developed a fever on May 19 và sought medical treatment at a general practitioner clinic on the same day, where she tested positive sầu for her antiren rapid kiểm tra (ART) and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) demo on the same day. Her serology kiểm tra result is pending.

Singapore Polytechnic said in a statement on Thursday night that it will expvà its current COVID-19 testing exercise to include all staff members and students from the School of Chemical và Life Sciences. The polytechnic began testing 6,500 students và staff members for COVID-19 on May 19, after three positive cases were reported. 

The other cases are a fully vaccinated 59-year-old Singaporean who works at Mary Fashion & Trading in Ang Mo Kio, a 41-year-old Singaporean who works as a customer service personnel at Times Bookstore, & a 49-year-old permanent resident homemaker identified as Case 63479. 

The remaining cases are a 54-year-old Malaysian who works at Seagate Singapore International Headquarters và a 69-year-old Singaporean works as a cleaner employed by Weishen Industrial Services.

All of them had developed symptoms such as fever, runny nose, body toàn thân aches, as well as loss of taste or smell prior khổng lồ testing positive sầu for COVID-19.


Four more cases who had already been quarantined have been linked khổng lồ the cluster at Changi Airport. Among them are two Singaporeans, aged eight và 14, who are students at Madrasah Al-Ma’arif Al-Islamiah. Both of them are household contacts of several previously confirmed cases.

There is also a fully vaccinated 63-year-old Singaporean who is employed by Certis Cisco as an aviation security officer at Changi Airport Terminal 3 & a 43-year-old Singaporean who works as an administrative sầu personnel at Glory Ship Management.

The Changi Airport cluster now has 100 cases linked to lớn it.


A 38-year-old Singaporean who works as a legal service officer at Legal Service Commission has been linked lớn the Learning Point cluster. The woman, who is fully vaccinated, is a family member và household tương tác of a previously confirmed case, a seven-year-old Singaporean who is a student at CHIJ (Katong) Primary School.

There are now 28 cases linked lớn the Learning Point cluster.

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The other linked community cases include a 12-year-old Singaporean who is a student at Anglo-Chinese School (Junior). The boy is a family member & a household liên hệ of a previously confirmed case, a 46-year-old Singaporean who is an investment banker at DBS.

There is also a 15-year-old permanent resident who is a student at Yuan Ching Secondary School. She is a family thành viên & household tương tác of Case 63479, a 49-year-old permanent resident who is a homemaker.

The other cases include a 39-year-old Malaysian who works as an electrician at Yew Hock Automation Service và Control, a 32-year-old Filipino foreign domestic worker, và a 38-year-old Singaporean who works at Pacific Law Corporation. They are all household or workplace contacts of previously confirmed cases. 


One more inmate has been linked lớn the cluster at Changi Prison Complex. The 41-year-old Singaporean is a cthua liên hệ of a previously confirmed case, a 39-year-old Chinese national who is employed by SATS Food Services as a cook at the prison. 

The inmate was quarantined on May 13. He was tested for COVID-19 on the same day, and his kiểm tra result came back negative.

He developed a runny nose, sore throat, headabít & toàn thân aches on May 19 và was tested again. His test result came bachồng positive sầu for COVID-19 infection on the same day. His serology kiểm tra result is negative.

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There are now eight cases linked to lớn the Changi Prison cluster.


Three more cases have sầu been linked lớn the Jin Tai Tong Food Industries cluster. One had been quarantined earlier: A 32-year-old Chinese national who works as a warehouse assistant at Jin Tai Tong Warehouse.

Two others were detected through surveillance. A 53-year-old Singaporean who works as a packing assistant at Jin Tai Mart was tested on May 18 as part of testing operations for those who had visited White Sands shopping mall. The other case is a 40-year-old Chinese national who works as a store assistant at Jin Tai Mart.

There are now eight cases linked to this cluster.


One more case has been traced lớn the Sms Infocomilimet cluster. The 49-year-old Singaporean, who works as a factory operator at the company, is a colleague & cthua liên hệ of a previously confirmed case, a 54-year-old Malaysian.

She developed a sore throat on May 16 và sought medical treatment at a general practitioner clinic the next day, where she was tested for COVID-19. She was also placed on quarantine on the same day. Her chạy thử result came baông chồng positive sầu for COVID-19 infection on May 19 và her serology thử nghiệm result is pending.

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Six more cases, all close contacts or family members, have sầu been linked to the Case 63357 cluster. Case 63357 is a 32-year-old Singaporean who works as an IT engineer at AbbVie Operations Singapore. He was confirmed khổng lồ have COVID-19 infection on May 16.

Five of the six new cases had already been quarantined. They include a three-year-old Singaporean who is a student at Skool4kidz Centre at Punggol Way và a 60-year-old Singaporean who is employed by Jonguil Asia Cleaning và deployed as a cleaner at The Cascadia.

There is also a 59-year-old Singaporean who is employed by White Guard Security as a security officer, a 33-year-old Singaporean who works as a technician at PSA Singapore (Tanjong Pagar Terminal), as well as a 32-year-old Singaporean who works as a clinic assistant at Etern Medical Clinic (Punggol MRT).

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The remaining case, a 36-year-old permanent resident, was detected through surveillance. She is a family member of Case 63357 & works as a service staff thành viên at KFC at Jalan Mas Puteh.

She developed a fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose and headabít on May 17 night và sought medical treatment at a general practitioner clinic the next day, where she underwent both an ART and PCR chạy thử.

Her ART came back positive sầu on May 18 và she was immediately isolated. Her PCR kiểm tra result came back positive sầu on May 19. Her serology chạy thử result is pending, said the health ministry.


MOH said its epidemiological investigations have sầu found that "a few COVID-19 cases" live at 506 Hougang Avenue 8. 

As a precautionary measure, the Health Ministry will conduct mandatory COVID-19 tests for all residents of the bloông xã. The testing operations will be conducted at the void deông chồng of the blochồng on May 21 & 22.

"We have sầu distributed leaflets to lớn affected residents, & will also send them an SMS notification. Residents of 506 Hougang Avenue 8 are also advised khổng lồ monitor their health closely and consult a doctor immediately if they feel unwell," said the ministry. 

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MOH said the overall number of new cases in the community has increased from 71 cases in the week before lớn 190 cases in the past week. 

The number of unlinked cases in the community has also increased from 11 cases in the week before lớn 52 cases in the past week. 

Amuốn the 277 confirmed cases reported from May 14 lớn May trăng tròn, a total of 63 cases have tested positive for their serology tests while 150 have sầu tested negative sầu. A further 64 serology kiểm tra results are pending.

Forty-six more cases have been discharged from hospitals or community isolation facilities, bringing Singapore"s total recoveries khổng lồ 61,229.

There are 240 patients still in hospital. Most of them are stable or improving, và four are in critical condition in the intensive care unit. Another 229 are being isolated and cared for at community facilities.

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The Health Ministry also added several new locations to lớn its các mục of places visited by COVID-19 cases in the community during their infectious period.

They include eateries at Paya Lebar Square and United Square Shopping Mall, as well as a KFC outlet at Jalan Mas Puteh. 

FairPrice supermarkets at White Sands, The Seletar Mall, Sun Plaza & Woodlands Avenue 1 were also added lớn the menu.