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Last week I chose the khách sạn for my business trip khổng lồ Phan Thiet, this is the first time lớn go to lớn there. Everything is nice at the glance, even it is not so big hotel but I would recommover for tourists if they want lớn find the quiet and peaceful place for enjoying và relaxing. The Staffs is friendly and take care customers well. I went lớn there with my colleague & luckily his birthday also same as the date that we stay there. We received the drinking voucher for congrats his birthday. I also recommended about the khách sạn for some friends for their travelling. Please keep up your good work!

Size of the resort is not large compared lớn others in Mui Ne but it is still worth a visit thanks to lớn excellent customer service, serenity & awesome interior thiết kế. It is indeed an ikhuyến mãi place for retreat.

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Dear Mr. Quan Tnhì, Thank you so much for your support to lớn Villa Aria Muine and give us good review. We're very happy khổng lồ hear that you enjoyed your stay with us. Your good nhận xét will help us lớn improve sầu our service better. Wish your family always healthy & successful. We vị hope lớn welcome your family baông xã Villa Aria Muine in the near future. Best regards, Phuong Uyen Nguyen (Ms.) FOM Villa Aria Muine

I've been living abroad for ten years và faded my relationships with family members. So when I decided to go bachồng, & have 4 days 3 nights vacation with family, I chose Villa Aria Muine. I stayed upstair and had a wonderful first night with the sound of wave crashing on the shore, và went khổng lồ sleep peacefully. Next morning, I was welcomed with breakfast and a cup of vietnamese milk coffee. The aroma of a coffee cup, along with the green view of the sea, and of course, the botanic garden of tropical area definitely took me off the grid of công nghệ & urban area. There are many more for you lớn discover that i won't spoil it here. in conclusion, I had a great time with my family, & will recommover it lớn all of my frikết thúc from the States.

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Dear Mr. Phu Ha, We're very pleased khổng lồ welcome you và your family baông xã Villa Aria Muine. Thank you so much for taking the time to give sầu us good reviews. We vì hope to lớn have the opportunity to lớn welcome you và your family baông xã to the beautiful Villa Aria Muine in the near future and hope that other visitors will find your đánh giá inspiring! With warmest regards! Phuong Uyen Nguyen (Ms.) FOM Villa Aria Muine
The first impression is room quality và design, you will get impression much. This resort is small but nice, hidden under green trees. This bring you the feeling living in the forest next by the tropical beach. Nice combination ever. Food is really good, as you should taste Viêtnamese food here with reasonable prices. As this resort smaller, it keeps your mind in quite place for reading, especially remote working.
Dear Ms. Thanh Lam, Thank you so much for choosing the beautiful Villa Aria Muine for your stay & for highlighting the pleasant experience you had with us through such an encouraging đánh giá on the Trip Advisor. We are very happy that overall you have sầu enjoyed your stay with us. A positive guest experience is something our staff takes great pride in, so we value your feedbachồng and your recommendation. We hope lớn have sầu a chance lớn welcome you back with us at the beautiful Villa Aria Muine in the nearest future. With warmest regards! Phuong Uyen Nguyen (Ms.) FOM Villa Aria Muine
Now here is an hotel where I didnt mind paying a little bit more for...other hoteliers should take a leaf out of its book. Villa Aria has an unassuming entrance on the beachside main Ham Tien stretch but on entering its Reception you are welcomed with a refreshing cold drink- could perhaps have also provided a cold towel- và swiftly checked in by smiling front of house staff, We were 3 hours early before normal kiểm tra in & delighted that our room -102- was ready. You step through the open reception and inkhổng lồ a beautiful zen like atmosphere as a meandering path wends through meticulous gardens lớn your room và onwards past infinity pool khổng lồ beautiful beach deông chồng và beach Ours was a ground floor room & had a small patio with 2 outdoor garden sofas, Indoors was bright & roomy with king bed and seated area and plenty of storage space. Bathroom was adequate form size with large shower & quality products. Solar heating for water but additional heater lớn top-up. Breakfast would satisfy both asian và western palettes - although tea & coffee unique I felt could be better. They also provide complimentary afternoon tea from 15:00 to 16:00 và have a restaurant which we tried and very good. The overall presentation và feel of the resort was very pleasant và calm and I have lớn say due in a great giảm giá khổng lồ every staff member from gardeners to lớn managements welcoming and warm presentation và service. Would I return again? In a flash…